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Lizze Small Contributing Illustrator
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April 12, 2024

22 must-haves

Happy 2022! In honor of the new year (and my already failed new year’s resolution to shop less), I’ve compiled a list of 22 must-have items. From beauty to stationary this list has all my favorites. Fair warning: this may be your gateway drug into shopping addiction. At least we can be in a support group together!

  1. Pencil Caps 

For those who love the grit of an old fashioned pencil (or in my case the aesthetic), this one’s a game changer. These caps will cover the tips of all your lovely No. 2s, so no more pencil marks on the inside of your pencil case!

  1. Ice Trays 

Calling all iced coffee lovers! Buy an ice tray to get those coffee shop perfect square (or heart if you’re feeling fancy) ice cubes. Will my fellow iced coffee addicts still be late to class because I went to Alfred’s to get another coffee? Sure, but now you’ll get double coffees.

  1. Tide Stain Remover Stick 

This one is for the Café Pasta Days. No need to walk around with a red sauce stain all day. 

  1. Electric Candle Lighter 

To put it bluntly, fire and I just don’t get along. My scars prove that much, but yet I adore candles. Amid this toxic relationship, enter the electric candle lighter. Basically flameless and rechargeable, this lighter has done the impossible: allow me to enjoy my candles without getting burned. 

  1. Glass Nail Files 

Ever since I started using these I’ve been getting compliments on my nails. How do you keep your nails so thick? How are they so naturally long? How are those nails real? Glass nail files. 

  1. Pimple Patches

I’ve always been skeptical of many acne products and tend to try to limit my use of them for when I need to clear my skin, but pimple patches have been perfect for clearing my acne quickly and preventing me from incessantly touching them. 

  1. Rubber Earring backs 

For those of you who wear earrings all day long, and even to sleep like me, these are perfect to keep the back from poking into you. Just slide it onto the back of your normal earring, and you can wear your dangly earrings to your heart’s content. They’re also perfect if you lose your back. 

  1. Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother

For most of the products on this list I refrained from giving specific name brands, but I had to include this one. Nothing has helped tame my hair more than this creamy lotion. From my sister’s frizzier, curly hair, to my wavy, thick hair, this works on everyone. 

  1. Blue Light Glasses 

Time for a 2020 online school throwback. An oldie but a goodie, these glasses not only help me with the screen glare, but make me feel smarter….slyly adjusts blue light glasses. 

  1. Mini lint roller 

Perfect for getting rid of the dust that collects on your uniform skirt throughout the day (or whatever you’re wearing you claim is a skirt in uniform…). 

  1. Jade Roller 

On the theme of rollers, whether psychological or real, a jade roller helps me wake up in the morning and at least in my opinion, reduces puffiness. 

  1. Silk Pillow Cases

Good for keeping your skin clear, your hair frizz-less and you sleeping well, a silk pillowcase is a must-have. 

  1. Scrunchies with Hidden Pockets 

There was no way I’d make it through this list without mentioning a product from a TikTok. These are perfect for putting keys, lip balm or other small items, while wearing it on your wrist. Plus, it’s discrete!

  1. Blow Dry Brush 

This has fundamentally changed my weekly routine. Instead of both my arms burning from what feels like a strange dance routine just to get my hair dry, my Drybar blow double shot brush dries and shines my thick hair in a quarter of the time. 

  1. Vitamin C Facial Serums

Why watch Kendall Jenner’s Vanity Fair face routine video when you can pretend you’re in one yourself? Beyond just getting to pretend I’m an influencer at 7:30 in the morning, Vitamin C serums both brighten and smooth my skin. 

  1. Mario Badesco Cucumber Mist 

Perfect for after you’ve completed your face routine, one spritz will leave you feeling hydrated and fresh. 

  1. Pilot Pens 

While I could have an entirely separate post dedicated to just my pen recommendations, I’ve (somehow) managed to choose one brand to recommend. If you like the look of a thin pen, get the 0.5 tips, and for a multi-colored look get a large 0.7 set. They’ll perfect your handwriting and look amazing!

  1. Apple Pencil Tips 

This one is specific to my fellow iPad users. Not many know that you can replace the tips of your pens. All you do is twist the old one off and a new one back on and voilà, a perfectly “sharpened” apple pen. No more having to deal with dull tips. 

  1. Label Maker 

This one reveals my organization obsession. From my mother’s spice bottles to notebooks, labeling gives me a sense of organization, control and calm that I’m sure other Marlborough students seek. 

  1. Dior Lip Oil 

Get ready to run to the lines (or website) when this comes back in stock. One of the best lip products I’ve gotten, this product nourishes, tints and glosses all in one. 

  1. Oil Absorbing Face Sheets 

Speaking of oil, when I first started using these I was shocked with the oil leaving my face. I’m still convinced there is some sort of gimmick involved that makes them look even more saturated with oil then they really are, but regardless, they’re perfect for cleaning your face. 

  1. A Bullet Journal

For those who already read my (amazing) blog post about journaling tips, this one comes as no surprise. From writing down gratitude to to-do lists to tracking habits, a journal is the perfect way to start 2022 and write reviews from all the new products you tried! 

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