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Which Larchmont coffee shop is the best?

If you are walking down Larchmont Boulevard, you will pass one of the five coffee shops that sell there. You might ask, why does Larchmont need five coffee shops, and how do they all stay open, even when there is a lot of competition? I visited each coffee shop and compared the quality of the coffee and what the vibe of the shop was to figure out how each coffee shop has managed to stay open.

Starbucks is my all-time favorite coffeehouse chain, so I went there first. This particular Starbucks was extremely busy because of how close it is to neighborhood schools and businesses. I ordered my normal caramel macchiato, and it was the perfect coffee-to-caramel ratio.

I was unable to find a place to sit and do homework because all their tables were full. I sat on a stool on the counter, which was right in front of where Starbucks baristas were making drinks. I noticed how fast they were all going to finish orders as soon as possible. People were constantly coming in and out of the coffee shop, which added to the quick pace in the store.

After I found a small table near the ordering line, I realized that the people coming in and leaving the coffee shop were big distractions for my eyes and my ears, because of the sound of the door opening and closing.

Overall, I loved my caramel macchiato, but it was hard for me to stay focused on my homework because of how many people were entering Starbucks for a quick coffee break. 

Peet’s Coffee had more tables where I could sit and do work for several hours. I loved the tables at Peet’s because they were large enough for me to spread out my homework. The coffee was not as good as my coffee at Starbucks, and I would definitely rather get a caramel macchiato at Starbucks rather than Peet’s.

Next, I went to Bardonna, which I loved because of the calm vibe that I felt while in the coffee shop. The decorations and aesthetic inside the shop were very trendy, and there were multiple places to take Instagram photos. I ordered a nitro cold brew coffee, which was one of the strongest coffees I’ve ever had. 

I think if I stuck with my normal caramel macchiato, I would have liked the coffee more, but I decided to try a new drink. Overall, I loved the vibe that the coffee shop gave me because it helped me be very productive. I did not enjoy my coffee as much as I hoped, but ordered a coffee that was way out of my comfort zone.  

I visited Groundworks for the first time and I ordered a latte to drink while doing my homework. I really liked my latte and how it didn’t taste like it was full of sugar. I loved the calm and aesthetic vibe that I felt inside the coffee shop, and the music added to the relaxing mood of the shop. Groundworks did not have as many people rushing in and out of the store compared to Starbucks and more people got their coffee and sat down to enjoy their drink.  I enjoyed my first experience in Groundworks, and I really enjoyed my coffee and the productive vibe that I felt while in the coffee shop.

Go Get ‘Em Tiger is a smaller chain compared to other coffee shops on Larchmont. I had never been to Go Get ‘Em Tiger, and I noticed that there were a lot more people there to talk with their friends and not as many people were there to do work. I ordered a regular coffee with almond milk after a long day at school and I really liked how it tasted very plain and they didn’t add anything special to try and make it taste better. I liked how lively Go Get ‘Em Tiger was and how there were people taking pictures of their coffees and talking with their friends.

I enjoyed my experiences at all five of the coffee shops, and I found that they all offered different experiences for their customers. Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee are quick places to grab a coffee and then head back to work or school. Groundworks, Bardonna and Go Get ‘Em tiger invited customers to sit down at personal tables and do work for a few hours. 

Bardonna was my favorite out of the coffee shops I visited because of the overall feel inside the coffee shop. My favorite part of Bardonna was how the vibe inside was very minimalistic and plain because it made my experience a lot more relaxing. Also, I loved the seating area in the back of the restaurant where I could do my work. Although I did not like the coffee that I ordered, I am sure that if I had ordered something like a caramel macchiato, I would have enjoyed it more.

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