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Lizze Small Contributing Illustrator
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April 12, 2024

What Kind of Procrastinator Are You?


Different people like different things, specifically when it comes to avoiding doing homework or working on a project that you really could care less about, especially when it isn’t due the next day. At a place like Marlborough, where computers are accessible to everyone, and since the Internet has practically anything a person could possibly want, it’s only natural that a lot of this procrastination happens on the computer. But there are so many Websites out there, so where do you start? And what Website would you actually enjoy wasting hours on? Most importantly, what type of procrastinator are you?

Let’s start with Facebook. If you’re the type of person who loves to interact with people and find yourself in your room with only your books as company, then you’re probably going to log on to Facebook and start chatting it up with all of your friends. You might even start a group chat, just because trying to read everyone’s comments in four different chat boxes can get overwhelming, confusing and really time-consuming, especially if your friends are the talkative type. Facebook is also a good place to just “like” everyone’s profile pictures (and all of their other pictures that show up in your news feed) and comment on how “stunning” and “gorgeous” they are, even if they’re solely an acquaintance. You can also “like” other people’s posts that contain the phrases “truth is,” “my first impression of you,” “lms (like my status) for a rating,” “my favorite memory with you” or something similar as a way of getting to know the other person. (And who knows, you might learn something about yourself.) You might even be one of those people who posts those statuses and actually posts on the walls of each and every person who liked your post. And I’m sure if you haven’t, then a friend is definitely guilty of publishing at least one of these statuses. Chances are, you’re not only procrastinating, but you’re also socializing with people you don’t normally talk to, so there’s that chance that you might become friends or at least friendly acquaintances. And for you, what’s better than procrastinating by making more friends?

Of course, there are also the games on Facebook, which you might want to look into if you don’t own an iPhone or Android, because if you did have one, your primary use for it would be downloading all of the free games in the App Store and playing them incessantly. Facebook games are very similar to those on the iPhone or Android, except instead of them being on a phone, they’re on a computer.

And since we’re on the topic of social networking, let’s move onto Instagram, shall we? While you probably already have Instagram (or “Insta” as many call it) as an app on your phone, there’s also a Website for it online, just in case your parents decide to confiscate your phone. Or, if you don’t have an iPhone or Android, but you still want to upload “selfies” and pictures of food, the Instagram Website can come in handy. All you have to do is log in, and it’s almost just like the app on your phone! You’ll probably enjoy this app or Website if you like taking pictures of everything, even the most mundane things in your life, in hopes that by putting a pretty filter over it, people will find it interesting.

Snapchat is pretty much the same deal as Instagram, except that on top of putting filters over your pictures (which, for the most part, are of you making an obnoxious face), you can draw using different colors with your finger and put a small caption anywhere on them. Snapchat is right for you if you have an iPhone or Android and don’t take yourself as seriously as most Instagram users. Chances are, though, if you have one, you probably have the other.

If you’re really into foreign affairs and politics, you’re probably a frequent visitor on newspaper Websites such as the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time, or something similar. On those Websites there are a variety of things you could read depending on what you’re really interested in. Some of these subjects may be: the advancement of technology and healthcare; new discoveries about the universe; what, how and why Miley Cyrus did that one outrageous thing that you heard about the other day and why everyone is so upset about it; or the latest political drama. On a news Website, you could get lost in all of the articles that feed you tons and tons of information, all at your fingertips. And the best part? There’s more than one news source, so if you don’t find anything you liked on one Website, rest assured, there are more.

If you like reading opinion pieces, you’ll probably enjoy a visit to the Huffington Post or The Onion. The Huffington Post definitely seems like a legitimate news source at first sight, and while it does provide some information, a lot of the articles contain the opinions of their authors on a certain topic, making it unreliable as an actual news source. But, if you’re wondering what opinions other people have on a topic you’ve already read about, it can be quite entertaining to see what they have to say. The Onion, on the other hand, is a purely satirical news source and doesn’t focus as much on relaying the news as it does on poking fun at everything. You’ll really enjoy reading some of the articles if you have a knack for sensing sarcasm and aren’t easily offended.

If you like keeping up with pop culture, especially if you’re on the Internet a lot, you’ll probably enjoy logging on to BuzzFeed. It’s more a source for entertainment than a news source. (Although technically you can find some current-events articles, you’ll probably be better off going to an actual news website.) And it helps keeps you up to speed with what “all the kids are talking about these days.” Some articles contain helpful advice for small things like going camping or utilizing your car or other items in ways that you would’ve never thought of before, while others are there for you to relate to so that you know that there’s someone out there who understands you (at least a little bit). There are also articles that give you random little facts that may have nothing to do with your life but are fun and convenient to share when somehow, a related topic comes up in one of your conversations. Some articles will also help you discover more about yourself, or about other people who are just like you. And finally, if you love cute animals, then there’s a whole “Animals” section waiting just for you. Be warned, though: If you’re not getting lost in the “Animals” section, you might come across some things that aren’t exactly PG-13.

And finally, if you’re the sick type of person who takes joy in reading about other people’s miseries, you’ll probably enjoy FML (short for “F*** My Life”). It’s kind of like what you would see in people’s statuses on Facebook when they’re trying to get people to pity them, but instead of pity, they receive laughter and “YDI”s (short for “You Deserved It”). Just be careful, though, because like that of BuzzFeed, some of the language and content can be offensive!


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