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The top 2023 fashion trends

Being that I’m at the Top, part of the View is observing what those scrambling beside or below are wearing. Yes, that’s right, this View from the Top is about fashion trends at Marlborough. Buckle up, because this is going to be a wild ride.

The biggest trend I’ve seen this year is platform Uggs. 9-year-old me LOVED to wear my navy blue Uggs and rainbow-striped leggings, so she would be thrilled at this resurgence. I think the tan platform ones are very classy, though I have to say I’m surprised that people make the effort to wear these fuzzy shoes in LA weather!

I’ve also been seeing a lot of baggy black cargo pants. I’ve wanted to participate in this trend for a long time, but these pants are surprisingly hard to find at stores. I could order them online, but that’s risky — I need to make sure they have that perfect oversized Marlborough fit. What a conundrum! To the students carrying the baggy cargo pants trend, know that you have all of my love and support. 

The cowboy boots movement at Marlborough is small but pronounced. (I feel like Anna Wintour right now; I’m so fashion-aware! But I don’t have a bob haircut or oversized sunglasses … yet.) I can hear these students as they clop down the English hallway and maybe shout a yeehaw or two. I appreciate this trend, but I don’t think I would have the strength to wear cowboy boots with my pleated uniform skirt. OK, I’m realizing this reflection may sound shady, but that is NOT my intention. Wearing cowboy boots to school is very camp! Keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you for bringing Brokeback Mountain to the Marlborough campus.

The satchels and purses trend extends beyond clothing and into the accessory world. But the bags people carry do really add to their looks. For example, my dear friend Sara‘23 carries her school books in a classy purse, completing her fantabulous and West Coast chic image. The wonderful Anabel ‘25 carries a satchel with unique pins that I’m quite envious of. When Marlborough announced that non-backpack bags were allowed, I was excited to see how the student body would use the opportunity. I have not been disappointed.

The final trend I’ve noticed is, as always, sweatpants without a skirt. This trend is interesting because it is very frowned upon by the administration, but the Marlborough community soldiers on. I, Ella, am one of those soldiers, though maybe I shouldn’t be admitting that in the school newspaper. I was never into sweatpants under skirts, as I felt very confined by that setup. Whenever I step on campus in my black sweats, the song “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” starts playing from an unknown source.

I love to see the ebb and flow of different Marlborough-specific fashion trends. It’s fun to watch how people experiment with the uniform and make it their own. I’m even a little sad that I won’t see this creative fashion display in college next year, though if I don’t get my PE hours up I might seriously be held back. If it means I’ll get to see how you all dress, then it’ll be worth it! 

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