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I’m often asked why I love music so much, and quite honestly, this is an answer that changes each time I’ve been prompted with it. I thought long and hard to come up with a “core” reason behind my love for music, but it seemed too personal to share with the UltraViolet. That exact, second-guessing moment was what led me to the reason I had been searching for.

Photo from a Kid Cudi concert, Darcy ’23 Staff Photographer

While I was officially diagnosed with ADHD at 17 years old, I began developing habits to mask my symptoms from a much earlier age. Because of this, I constantly second-guess and overthink anything I say or do that makes me seem different from everyone else. 

However, there was always one special thing that I never seemed to second-guess: my music taste. While I struggled to put my mind to any singular task, I could spend hours curating Spotify playlists to fit any occasion. 

Once becoming a columnist for the UltraViolet, I learned that my passion for writing about music stemmed from the comfort I found within it. I embraced this sense of belonging to music as if it was a part of myself and my identity. Music was, and always will be, the first place I felt confident in my opinions and taste. My music is me. 

Wipe your tears, that was just the condensed version of my love affair with music — I could get more emotional, but this isn’t a depiction of Boal’s theater theory (too niche? Shoutout E period Political Plays, though). Moving on to what Monthly Music is truly all about: my absolutely outstanding music reviews and recommendations. 

The music that I love so deeply is from a genre with a title created by yours truly: TheraMusic (therapy + music = TheraMusic). My phenomenon of TheraMusic entails music that is equivalent to free therapy. Furthermore, I want to share with you the music that felt like a cushion of support when I needed it most.

Each of these songs’ lyrics in some way provide encouragement or support when you find yourself looking for someone to understand how you feel. Each of these songs have been part of my TheraMusic as I’ve progressed through adolescence and have been a shoulder to lean on. The time stamps are snippets from each of these songs that have stuck with me for years, and I hope that through crafting your own TheraMusic you too can find music that you love, and understands you. 

Darcy’s TheraMusic

“Let it Happen” by Tame Impala – 5:29 – 5:50

“Somehow” by Phony Ppl – 2:22 – 2:23

“Touch of Grey” by Grateful Dead – 0:42 – 1:06

“Qualified” by Dr. Jon – 0:55 – 1:04

“Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear – 1:30 – 1:36

“The Breeze” by Dr. Dog – 2:51 – 3:00

“Be (Intro)” by Common – 2:02 – 2:10

“Stop This Train” by John Mayer – 2:54 – 3:25

“Boy Bye” by BROCKHAMPTON – 0:04 – 0:14

“Didn’t I” by Darondo – 2:24 – 2:36

“2009” by Mac Miller – 1:42 – 1:58

“Weight” by Redveil – 0:10 – 0:20

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