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Violet’s Giving Circle show

On Sunday, March 12, Violets’ Giving Circle will host its bi-annual show with a new theme and more categories. The event will now include 2D media submissions along with the usual film and fashion projects. With the theme of “Self Portrait,” the show aims to uplift the community while celebrating individual identity.

Violets’ Giving Circle benefits the lives of women and girls through educational opportunities, fundraising and grant-making for various female-led organizations within Los Angeles.

Violet’s Giving Circle poses for a photo. (Caitlin Newby)

“This board is incredibly creative and thoughtful, and my hope is that the vision and execution of this event will provide a platform for students to tell their story and celebrate the women of the partner organizations that have their very own unique stories,” Violets’ Giving Circle Coordinator Amanda Lovrien said.

This year, Violets’ Giving Circle aims to celebrate the stories of individuals and communities. From a theme that celebrates personal identity to an expansion of the event to include 2D art, Violets’ Giving Circle hopes to capture the talent of students who have not traditionally been involved while working with new organizations.

“I think that extending the categories is going to prompt more inclusion,” Violets’ Giving Circle member Noah Johnson ‘23 said. Johnson supported and developed the idea of incorporating 2D media to the event. “With 2D media, you can do drawings, paintings, photography, collage … it is very fluid and open.”

Students can “design a striking gown, paint their most imaginative pieces, capture the perfect picture or create an evocative film that shares what makes them unique,” Violets’ Giving Circle Co-Chair Ava McCollum ‘23 said.

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