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Sports preseason lengthens preparation time

Preseason for any athlete is crucial for peak performance, team bonding and the team’s record. Marlborough sports have some form of preseason for most sports, consisting of multiple long practices over the summer and lengthy before and after school workouts, 

The preseason for Varsity volleyball began in the final week of July 2022, with practices from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. These preseason practices and workouts were held every day, with games and tournaments interspersed throughout. 

Eloise ‘24 played her first season of Varsity volleyball this past fall and shared the physical toll preseason took on her, while developing as an athlete.

“This schedule was doable, but I found myself progressively becoming more sore and exhausted each day, especially with long tournaments after a week of back-to-back practices,” Eloise said. “Because this was my first time on Varsity, I was shocked by the amount of hours that went into playing smoothly with each other. Regardless of any muscle pain, I am so lucky to have this type of preseason work because I wouldn’t have been able to play my best without it.”

Aside from volleyball, the Varsity basketball team also has a history of beginning preseason workouts and practices farther in advance than any of the other sports teams. Varsity basketball began practices and workouts in early May 2022 in anticipation for the 2022-2023 season, which officially commences in Jan. 2023. Varsity basketball co-captain Hana ‘23 detailed the team-related benefits of preseason and how dedicated teammates make for a successful season. 

“Any type of preseason or extra work is physically and mentally demanding, but it is a necessity to be a successful team,” Hana said. “Thankfully everyone on Varsity is committed to our team and recognizes that preseason is a privilege to get better, not a negative thing. I, along with the team, are grateful for the opportunities that preseason has provided us.”

Similarly, the Varsity water polo season started on Nov. 7, with preseason workouts and practices beginning within the first month of the 2022-2023 school year. Captain Lucy ‘23 described that this year’s preseason is more intense than prior years because of the team’s success last season.

“Our water polo team advanced to the CIF finals last year, so it makes sense that our preseason started earlier with longer practice times this year,” Lucy said. “I look forward to being more consistent this year because of the time we have to work out any kinks during preseason.” 

Varsity athletes recognize the importance of preseason, regardless of the time it consumes within their schedules. Participation in preseason is one way an athlete can show dedication to their sport.

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