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French Week gets students ready for World Cup

In conjunction with French Week, the World Languages Department organized an event celebrating the FIFA World Cup and other traditional French sports, as a part of Sports Day, which occurred on Nov. 17 and 18.

Mini soccer scrimmages were held on the field, on Nov. 17, while other French games, such as boule and pétanque, were played in the Alumnae Garden on Nov. 18. The teams who competed in the soccer scrimmages represented the cultures taught in the World Languages Department.

World Languages Department Head Andrea Fuentes expressed her hopes for the upcoming celebration.

“The events organized for French Week are meant to promote French language, share culture and also to have fun,” Fuentes explained.

In an effort to encourage students to participate, the World Languages Department formed a partnership with the athletic department, offering students Physical Education credits to students in return for their involvement in the various activities. 

In the East Atrium, students decorated T-shirts representing the soccer teams competing in the World Cup, which further brought excitement surrounding French Week. 

“I enjoy watching soccer so it will be interesting to get to know the different cultures of the teams participating in the World Cup,” student Arianna ‘25 said.

Following the event, other participants expressed their gratitude for the knowledge they gained during Sports Day.

“Although I’ve never played soccer, participating in the soccer game with my friends for French Week was really fun,” Maddie ‘26 said. “It taught me about the rules of the game, which I now can use while I’m watching the World Cup.”

Eloise ‘25 commented on her positive experience participating in Sports Day.

“The soccer games were a really fun way to spend time with friends and take a break from the stress of the week whilst also exercising,” Eloise said.

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