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The trend forecast: Business chic is officially in season

Suit up because the ‘80s are back. I have been telling you voluminous silhouettes would come back in style for a while now, but this winter, I think the approaching trend will be bigger than ever (see what I did there?). Since the resurgence of ‘80s fashion is rapidly approaching, I am here to guide you through these changing times.

I am aware that by reading this you are willingly putting your fashion fate in my hands (if you pay any attention to what I say, that is). I would never blindly lead you. Who do you think I am? Of course everything I say is backed up by basically scientific research. I studied the fall/winter 2022-2023 fashion shows of the most influential designers, including Chanel, Louis Vuoitton and Versace. In all of the shows I watched, I saw multiple ‘80s trends making a huge come back. 

For those who do not know, there’s a theory that says every 20 years fashion trends have a resurgence, no matter how brutally bullied they were after their prime. This is very apparent in the revival of 2000s fashion we have witnessed in the past few years, even though in 2019 everyone was basically crucifying Ashley Tisdale for her old red carpet looks. We have all seen the sequin circle skirt + bootcut jean + piano purse atrocity of ‘05.

Since a lot of ‘80s trends were brought back to life in the 2000s, it would make sense if some hints of the ‘80s came back today. But, after watching what the next wave of fashion is supposed to be, it looks like we are going full ‘80s. Definitive trends like slogan tees, shoulder pads and power suits are making huge appearances on the runway. The most intriguing trend to me is the power suits, because they are a pillar of what I like to call business chic or what people in the ‘80s described as “power dressing.”

  As the idea of the working woman was popularized and admired, women began mimicking powerful figures and items of clothing like pantsuits were quickly integrated into ‘80s fashion. For example, Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first-ever female prime minister was elected in 1979, uncoincidentally right before the ‘80s. She was most commonly seen in a feminine power suit complete with shoulder pads. Women were starting to be inspired by seeing other women in power positions and wanted to dress accordingly. 

While I don’t think it will be normal to wear a suit to the Grove anytime soon, I think there are still some ways we will see business chic in our lives. Expect to see casual blazers with shoulder pads this winter. Matching sets will be big. We can already see these Skims sets and dupes of the Miu Miu micro mini skirt everywhere, and they are being styled in such unique ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw more khaki materials and mens leather belts being applied to outfits you wouldn’t expect.

Personally, I am very excited to see how this will turn out. You know what they say, “winter is when we see who can really dress.” I love layering in the cold weather and I’d be happy to attempt adding a blazer to one of my fits. 

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