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The ultimate pass time: late night drives

My favorite thing to do is go on night drives. While this is a bit ironic coming from a person who literally doesn’t have their permit (don’t say anything, it’s already a sore subject), I just can’t help but adore them. The bright lights, the feeling of time never ending, can it get any better? (Probably could if I could take myself on them, but I digress!) As much as I love a daytime drive, perhaps down the PCH with the windows down, I can’t overstate the unique peace that driving around LA, or anywhere for that matter, at night gives me. 

I went to the East Coast over Spring Break, and we spent a few days in Washington D.C. As a person who is admittedly interested in politics, and watches a lot of West Wing and Madam Secretary, I desperately wanted to see the Capitol. Now, on the last night of my so far Capitol-less trip to D.C., my dad offered to take me on what he knew would be my dream car ride. We got in the car, set the GPS to the Capitol and off we went. It was around 10 o’clock, with none of the typical D.C. traffic in sight. Finally, we made it to the Capitol and I was in awe. Because there was no traffic (nighttime!), we were able to slow down and just stare at the lit up building (nighttime!). Albeit, I know this wouldn’t be many people’s ideal nighttime excursion, but the point still stands that going at night just added to the magic of it all. 

Wait a second, could I even be discussing a sacred night drive without mentioning the required music? Some regulars for my friend’s and I include “Pursuit of Happiness” (Nightmare) by Kid Cudi or “White Ferrari” by Frank Ocean. I mean, what bonds people together like crying to Frank Ocean under some city lights? But, we’re not afraid of different genres either! (Did I hear you say “Night Shift by Lucy Dacus” or “Meet Me Halfway” by the Black Eyed Peas?)

In all, I’m not really sure if this blog is a recommendation (though I’d definitely recommend them) or more of a public diary entry (enjoy some insight into my brain, I guess?). See you on Sunset at 12am next Friday night!

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