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Monthly Music: under the influence

POV: It’s summer. The sun is shining, and birds are chirping. You feel abnormally well-rested because you got 10 hours of sleep last night, and are about to go out with your friends who always have the most fabulous outfits. They definitely have a personal style, but they utilize trends while  always making it their own. You need to put your best foot forward, but you have no idea what the trends of the future are or how to apply them to what you like to wear. Well lucky for you, I am here with two things everyone will be wearing this summer (clearly backed by science not just my own, personal opinion). 

Last winter, we saw voluminous silhouettes with puffer jackets and shoulder-padded trench coats. Now, we prepare for this summer where puffed sleeves and ruffled dresses will take us by storm. From a cute white cottage core picnic dress, to a loosely fitting party dress, make room for volume in your closets. I was not phased by most of the looks at the Oscars, because there were a lot of voluminous silhouettes. For example, I did not love Jada Pinkett Smith’s melted plastic looking dress (please don’t hurt me Will, I will keep her name out of my mouth from now on). Also, H.E.R.’s yellow jumper with beyond flared sleeves, looked like it was taken straight off the set of Marlborough’s production of Mamma Mia. Don’t get me wrong, Marlborough’s Mamma Mia costumes were great, courtesy of our very own performing arts instructor Kharen Zeunert who sewed Donna and Her Dynamos final outfits herself,  but even with the little resources she had, Kharen still managed to top H.E.R.’s outfit. However, I do love this flowy change compared to the baby tee craze of last summer. A good baby tee is great, but I personally do not have fun styling them. 

Olivia Rodrigo on the cover of her album “Sour”. Grant Spanier/Geffen Records

How can you participate? I think “voluminous silhouette” is a broad enough idea for you to make it your own. If you are into a more gothic aesthetic, flared sleeves may be the move for you. If you are more of a pilates princess gal, I think you will enjoy the puffed sleeves. For a business chic touch to your summery outfit, try a shoulder padded blazer (trust). Regardless of your aesthetic, I believe voluminous clothes will be around for a while because of their versitality. I suggest investing in the trend.

To my surprise, nearly every spring/summer 2022 fashion show I watched contained numerous pieces made of some sort of sparkly material or detailing. Miu Miu included gorgeous pieces with flowers embroidered with sequins. The sequin flowers reminded me of my grandma’s bed quilts, though sequin embroidery in general could be really cool. Whether it be flowers made with sequins or a shimmery fun material, it will be all over the stores and it is already all over the red carpet. 

Think of this as the revival of the bedazzle craze of the 2000s Teen Vouge. Expect rhinestone detailing all over shirts and jeans this summer. Unfortunately, I have trouble imagining people wearing rhinestones past August, but I hope fashion surprises me in the future. 

How can you participate? Lucky for us, flashy details can be easily found in thrift stores and flea markets. Since I think this may be a fad that will not last past summer, I suggest avoiding fast fashion, since you may not wear it much in the future. We do not need more cheaply made clothing in goodwill. Second-hand is the way to go for this one. 

I love trend forecasting because it prepares me for the looks to come. It is so exciting watching people slowly find interest in certain trends and use them in ways I could never imagine. But no matter the trend, try to be sure that YOU like it. As trend cycles spread and landfills pollute we need to be more and more conscious of our purchases. Okay, I am getting off my soap box, until next time.

P.S. I encourage you to look at the Oscars and Grammys red carpet look books and send me your favorite voluminous and sparkly looks at

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