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The lasting legacy of Jeanette Woo Chitjian

Director of Enrollment Management and Community Engagement Jeanette Woo Chitjian has shepherded parents and students through the admissions process at Marlborough for the past 27 years. On February 2, Head of School Priscilla Sands sent an email to the entire Marlborough community announcing that Woo Chitjian would be departing Marlborough and moving to a similar position in La Cañada at Flintridge Preparatory School.

“It was no surprise to me as they are incredibly fortunate to have this incredibly dynamic woman joining their community,” Sands wrote in the email.

Prior to working at Marlborough, Woo Chitjian was a college admissions officer. She made the move to Marlborough because she felt that she would be able to be an active member of the school community. During her tenure at Marlborough, Woo Chitjian has been an advisor, a college counselor, a chaperone on trips and has assisted with diversity, equity and inclusion work. 

“I’ve grown as a leader, especially in advocating for myself and others in our community—students, families, colleagues, graduates,” Woo Chitjian said. “I’ve learned to embrace change and to take more risks.” 

One of the most meaningful aspects of Marlborough, for her, has been the community.

“I work with high-quality colleagues who’ve pushed me to be my best self,” Woo Chitjian said. “I work with students who are funny, curious and capable. They value nerdy and cool and kindness and collaboration. Being at Marlborough opened the door for my daughters to become Marlborough students, which impacted who they are and how they move through this world.” 

While she is thrilled about her new role, Woo Chitjian said that what she will miss the most about Marlborough is “[n]o surprise, the people—colleagues, students, parents, and graduates. Marlborough is filled with good people.”

One of Woo Chitjian’s mentors, former Head of School Barbara Wagner, described Woo Chitjian’s legacy. 

“Ms. Woo Chitjian made a deep impact on everything she touched at Marlborough but her ability to inspire the best in each person she meets may be her finest attribute,” Wagner said.