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Buzzfeed: the best era

Life was better when I did Buzzfeed quizzes. I mean it. You won’t find a trace of sarcasm from me. With a few clicks I could figure out the name of my future soulmate, if I would survive “The Hunger Games” or even predict the quality of my day based on a few questions about my dream destination. Buzzfeed was my most trusted confidante and truest friend. My favorite color is blue? Well, Buzzfeed says it’s yellow, so now it’s yellow. My best friend’s name starts with an X? Time to pack my bags and set off to find my new X-named bestie. 

As much as I would like to say I miss those stock images of airbrushed desserts and “What is your spirit animal?” choices between an orangutan and a ferret, I know what I especially miss is that taking Buzzfeed quizzes was a routine and allocated time to focus on myself. I cherished the 45 minutes spent on my bus rides to and from school meticulously picking out quizzes and attempting to understand the truths they revealed. No matter what type of day I was having, it was nice to know for certain that I could have those few moments to myself and my quizzes. 

I only understand now, that’s what Buzzfeed quizzes were all about— getting to know myself a little better. The results never really mattered to me as much as the process. I cared more about designing my future prom dress than figuring out if I was a morning bird or a night owl. I liked being in the position to choose what I liked and what I didn’t and to not be swayed or judged by others for my choices. 

I try to carry the self-care I learned from Buzzfeed quizzes with me to the present. Now, my daily New York Times mini crossword or doodles on my notes app take the place of those millennial-oriented personality quizzes, and these are how I choose how to treat myself. I wish I could go back in time and tell younger Lucy to spend a few more minutes finishing that “Plan a date night and we’ll tell you which ‘Divergent’ character you are” quiz. 

I care about the choices past Lucy made, such as choosing to have hydrangeas as the bouquet instead of roses (but Lucy, I mostly care that you are spending the time focusing on yourself). Unfortunately, I can’t talk to my younger self, so instead, I pass this message onto you: whether it’s pressing snooze on your first alarm, going back for seconds of Café M fro-yo, or yes, finishing that Buzzfeed quiz, always try to take those few extra minutes out of the day to think about yourself. I know between school, extracurriculars and commitments, my own needs can sometimes fall to the back of the line. But anything, small or big, counts as a gift. In fact, I’m off to Buzzfeed to find a silly quiz to complete, feel free to join me.

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