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Molly ’23 starts student-led film studio

Courtesy of Xander Alvarado

Over quarantine, Molly ‘23 took her love for film and began a student-led film studio called Runaway Studios with her friends. Molly serves as the Communications Liaison, which means she manages the various social media accounts such as Instagram, TikTok and the website of the production company created by Loyola Students Clinton and Xander. She also communicates with various short film festivals, prospective members of Runaway Studios and helps cast members for films. 

The production company has a creative team of entirely high school students from all over Los Angeles, California, and has produced six short films with many more in the works. 

“I think something that’s really unique about Runaway is we have about 37 members in our studio that are all high school students. There are three production people, which are me, Clinton, and Xander. The three of us are in charge of everything,” Sasso said. “I run all the social media including the website and the YouTube, Clinton works with networking, Xander does all of the technical stuff,and together we help promote students’ films on our platform and help get them to film festivals.”

With Runaway Studios, Molly wrote and directed “Partners in Crime”, her first short film. The film is a romantic comedy about two best friends, Chase Meyers and Hannah Mcguire, who have been best friends since they were kids. However, things go sideways when Hannah gets asked out by another boy. 

“My favorite guilty pleasure movie is the Kissing Booth, so I really wanted to write a rom-com and everything that Runaway Studios has made has been super serious and I thought something really fun and happy would be a good contrast to those other works,” she said.

The film is currently a semi-finalist for the Prestigious Los Angeles – Monthly Film Competition, Los Angeles Film Awards and Top Shorts. Additionally, it is also an official selection for First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions and the Independent Short Awards. Molly gives credit to her crew for helping her create her vision, noting that one of her favorite aspects of the film wouldn’t be possible without the help of Runaway studio’s team. 

“Despite our challenges with Covid-19, being able to see the film finished was the best,” Sasso said. “One of my favorite parts was getting to hear the music in the film that was done by some of my close friends who are part of Runaway Studios. I think it’s really cool to have original music that isn’t mainstream that no one’s heard before in your film, and I think it added a really great element.”

As Molly waits for film festival awards to come out, she continues to help students produce their films alongside Runaway Studios and is currently writing her next film.

“There are many projects that are in the works within Runaway Studios that will be coming out in the next year and I have just started developing my next short film,” Molly said. “It is a mockumentary, so keep your eyes peeled for that and the rest of Runaway’s upcoming projects.”