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How to cope with second semester stress

I get it – second semester is stressful and hard. Maybe you are a second-semester senior like myself struggling to find any motivation whatsoever. Or perhaps, a burnt-out junior nervous about the dreaded college application season? Whatever the source of your stress or anxiety may be, I am here to propose some relaxing activities to take a well-deserved break and hopefully have some fun!

Paint by Numbers

Now hear me out. I know painting by numbers seems like the activity you did way back in kindergarten (and maybe you did). However, I’m here to tell you that it is a hobby definitely worth revisiting. Whether you want to paint the vineyards of Italy or New York’s Times Square, there are thousands of options to choose from online. You can even send in your own photo and have a company convert it into a paint by numbers kit! I’ve personally been working on a paint by numbers of a London street for over two months (and I’m still less than halfway done), so while I can’t promise you will be able to finish, I can promise that it will be a calming activity to take your mind off of school (for few hours).

Friendship Bracelets

If you have ever been to a sleep-away camp in any capacity, I’m sure you know all about the notorious friendship bracelets. Chevrons, spirals and zigzags are just a fraction of the classic designs that are easy to learn. If you are bored of those, you can even look up tutorials and designs online to practice. Packages of strings are also so affordable and can be bought on Amazon for $5 (enough to last a long time). You can even spice up your water bottle by tying the bracelet to it. I promise you will get a lot of compliments and have something fun to work on when you’re supposed to be listening to a math lecture! 

Bullet Journaling: 

Lastly, this list would not be complete without including bullet journaling. As someone with an affinity for collecting stationery, journaling is a fun way to be artistic without actually being “good” at art. Contrary to popular belief, journaling does not have to be just about writing down your thoughts at the end of each day. In reality, you can do anything from writing down recipes you want to try to recording your favorite songs you listened to. Not only does bullet journaling make a good way of recording memories, but it is an activity sure to help destress after a long day of school. 

While I can’t promise that any of these activities will miraculously cure second-semester burnout and stress, I hope that they can recall some fun childhood memories and provide some much-needed stress relief. 

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