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Vox @ Marlborough

Vox Media panel speaks to Marlborough students.

On Monday, Nov. 15th at Flex Time in the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Career Connections club and the CEI team hosted a panel titled “How I Get It Done: A Panel Discussion with Women in Media” for students and faculty. The goal of the panel was for women working at Vox Media, a mass media company that owns over six editorial brands, to give students advice on media-related careers.

The panel began with an introduction of each of the five panelists before moving into the Q&A portion which featured a range of positions at the company, from the Senior Vice President of Marketing to the Senior Director of Brand Strategy. The speakers — Jackie Cinguina, Abigail Aronofsky, Charlene Chang, Paulina Morandi and Tara Reilly— discussed their different career paths and the challenges they face as a woman in a male-dominated field. 

“I think it’s really interesting to see young women [in media] because it is typically a field dominated by men,” Eva ‘22, the student host of the panel and the leader of the Career Connections club, said.  

Livvie ‘23 echoed a similar message. 

“The panelists gave great advice and insight into the media industry,” she said. 

This panel is part of a recent push from the CEI team, including Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Regina Rosi Mitchell, to bring in speakers that represent a wide variety of future paths for students. 

“In the CEI we strive to showcase a variety of speakers from diverse backgrounds who can share advice and speak to their nonlinear career paths,” Rosi Mitchell said. “We live in an interdisciplinary world and the media landscape has changed dramatically; the speakers on the panel made this even more evident.”

This message resonated with students in attendance like Clarissa ‘23.  

“It was inspiring to see the different paths that brought them there, considering all the pressure put on us Marlborough students to know exactly what it is we want to do and how we should do it,” Clarissa said.