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Season’s stylings

That’s haute

Models in Giambattista Valli wear sheer layered tulle dresses backstage at Couture Fashion Week Spring Summer 19. Courtesy of Jamie Stoker.

Since my favorite time of the year is coming up (a.k.a. fall/winter), I wanted to give my two cents and forecast a couple of the upcoming trends in this season —

Whether you hate them or love them.

  1. Uggs 

Every season there is a new “it” shoe. Over the summer, everyone was all over the chunky sandals, but this fall/winter I predict everyone is going to be all over the Ugg boot. Last year this trend was popping up here and there, and I have a feeling they are the perfect way to transition our comfy COVID-19 style into our somewhat normal lives. In the 2000’s, tall Uggs were the hottest item on the market and as the trends of the 2000’s are resurging, I think that Uggs will make a comeback along with it. It also helps that many cool brands and people have collaborated with the brand in the past few years including Telfar, Molly Goddard, Fen Chang Wang, and Neighborhood. I understand that many people, including myself, have already been wearing Uggs as slippers around the house.. I think that they should be worn daily without stigma, but I’m not sure if wearing Uggs should be called fashionable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for feeling comfy, and if you have seen me walking around school, it shows, but if I were to see someone on the street wearing Uggs, I wouldn’t immediately think that it was a fashion choice: I would think they wanted to be comfortable. And sure, I have thought many times about wearing my Ugg slippers to school … for comfort. Uggs are coming back whether you think they’re cute or Ugg-ly. 

  1. Sheer Layering 

This trend can be taken in many different ways. Either sheer layering with tights, a sheer top over another top, or even sheer gloves. Picture sheer garments under solid pieces and layering sheer clothing over each other. Sheer layering this fall/winter is about subversive basics, an elevated version of basic clothing that can have cutouts and be asymmetrical, and avant-garde fashion. You might have seen subversive basics through the trend forecaster Augustina Panzoni on TikTok, avant-garde fashion on Pinterest, or on your Instagram feeds. I have already seen a lot of people DIYing makeshift tops by cutting tights and slipping it on as a shirt. Despite my aversion to shredded clothing, I have been very into the sheer layering style. There was a sheer top phase in 2018, with the popularity of Brandy Melville sheer glitter tops. Sheer layering this season is not like Brandy Melville sheer glitter tops. The layering I love is closer to the Giambattista Valli tulle dresses and Nensi Dojaka sheer cutout tops.While these high end designer examples are very different styles,  they are two good examples of why I think this trend will do so well. The endless options allow for every person to partake depending on their style and what they feel comfortable with. I lean more to Nensi Dojaka style, which is less stacking of fabrics and more cutouts, because fall and winter to me means wearing elevated basics to keep warm. I love this trend and think everyone should at least look into sheer layering and see if you can apply it to your style!