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9th Grade colors revealed!

Many Marlborough events look very different this year due to the pandemic and distance learning. One of these events is the 9th-grade Colors Ceremony, which is an important middle school tradition. Despite being online, the Class of 2024 was still able to share and create their Colors Presentation that will represent their class. Though making decisions about the Colors Presentation was difficult over Zoom, the Class of 2024 had to innovate and learn to persevere.  9th Grade Level Dean Danielle Blette has been working closely with the class and the student council to make the most of this year’s presentation.  

This art was designed by Sera ’24 and will be wore by the whole 9th grade as they reveal their class colors

“All of the committees have really risen to the challenge of being online, being creative, stepping outside of the box and working together to make 2021 the best it can be,” Blette said. 

The Class of 2024 has been planning for their Colors Presentation for months now, and the different committees have been working with each other to create something that resembles their class. There are five committees that are involved in the planning of the Colors Ceremony: the Colors Committee, Decoration Committee, Song Committee, T-shirt Committee and the Presentation Committee. The Class of ‘24 was split up into these committees, and they would each brainstorm ideas to present to the class. The rest of the class would then vote on the ideas and choose the ideas they loved the most. The colors committee made sure to give many different color combinations to represent their class as a whole. 

 In terms of the actual colors, the Class of 2024 has chosen the colors sage, pearl and lavender to represent their class throughout their journey at Marlborough. Sage represents the class’s wisdom and the knowledge they have gained throughout their years at Marlborough. Pearl displays how as a class they are full of surprises and one could never know what they are capable of. Lavender represents the grace, elegance, and femininity of this class. Along with their class colors, the Class of ‘24 also revealed their class song and t-shirt. The class song for the Class of ‘24 is “Story of my Life” by One Direction. 

The t-shirt design for the class of 2024 was created by Sera ‘24. This t-shirt design is very creative and innovative and is all around a very cute shirt to wear. The back of the shirt includes a bouquet of sage, lavender, and pearl-colored flowers, showing off the class’s beautiful color scheme. Along with the flowers on the back, there are also the numbers 2024 written in Roman numerals. On the front, it says the Class of 2024 along with a Spotify code. When you scan the Spotify code on the app it will start to play the class song, “Story of my Life” which is a very creative and interactive design. 

The Dean of 9th grade was very proud of her students for everything they have achieved and was so happy they could share their class colors despite being online. “I have learned that the class is always going to exceed expectations and everything that they have done was really impressive,” Blette said.