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How middle schoolers are celebrating Valentine’s Day

Photo by Pixabay

Valentine’s Day is one of the only holidays that we haven’t celebrated in quarantine yet. We are getting close to the one year mark of quarantine, and Valentine’s Day is right before that. Usually, people would be going out to dinner, seeing friends or having dates with significant others. Because of the virus, many people are going to be more cautious this year if they are going to see people, or make the decision to stay home instead. 

Most middle school students are celebrating Valentine’s Day the same way this year. The single students are planning on staying home, watching movies and eating lots of chocolate. Some people are planning to watch romantic movies, but others prefer to watch comedies instead. 

“It makes me sad to watch romance movies,” Fernie ‘25 said. Students will either spend time with their families, or Facetime with friends. “My friends and I are going to do a Zoom and eat chocolates together because we don’t have boyfriends,” Emma ‘25 said. 

For students that do have significant others to spend Valentine’s Day with, they are mostly planning on staying home as well. India ’25 said that she is not planning to meet up with her boyfriend because of COVID, but they plan to call each other to virtually celebrate together. 

“If we weren’t in a pandemic we would probably go out to dinner,” India ‘25 said. 

Many people’s plans would definitely be different if we weren’t in a pandemic. Some students said that they would go out to dinner with friends and go to the movies with them. Some other middle schoolers said that they would have friends over to celebrate with them. Being limited to things to do for this holiday has made students think harder. It’s made people more appreciative of spending time with friends and how they can celebrate. 

“Next year I’m going to put more thought into my plans because of the lack of being able to this year,” Fernie ‘25 said. People can still dream about their Valentine’s Day plans. “I hope Timothee Chalamet comes to my house with a box of chocolates,” one Marlborough student said.