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2020-2021 Club Fair occurs online

Staff Illustrator Stella ’23

This year, Club Fair at Marlborough will take place online due to distance learning. On Thursday, Oct.1, all students will receive an email with a directory of all the clubs and their leaders.
Usually, Club Fair takes place during a flex period in the Alumni Garden and the East Atrium. Clubs set up booths and sign up sheets, allowing students to browse each of the clubs, meet club leaders and hear each club’s mission. However, the pandemic has changed the ability to have in-person events.
Dean of Social Justice and Community Partnership Pamela Wright is in charge of producing the event. According to Wright, when organizing Club Fair the school had been mindful of making sure students are able to take a break from their computer.
“We thought about how we could recreate Club Fair and be thoughtful about not asking kids to go on another zoom,” Wright said.
Instead of one schoolwide Zoom, Club Fair has shifted to a different format for flexible and easy student accessibility. Students will receive a Google document with a list of each of the clubs, a short description of each one and a list of their leaders. Under each club name will be the club’s respective link to a video of their pitch. Wright thinks the videos allowed for club members to run wild, with pitch videos ranging from unique skits to individual videos being compiled to make one story.
“I think the videos are a great way to still be creative and have fun even over the computer,” a new club leader this year, Ondine ’23, said. “Connecting to new club members is hard to do from a distance but I think this way helps a lot.”
The directory will be open to students at any time after Oct. 1. The way in which students will actually sign up for clubs at this point is unclear, but Wright thinks that it will probably be a cumulative Google form listing all the different clubs as options. Clubs are asking for students to respond to the Google form within a week so they can get an understanding of their roster.
“A week is enough time to go through the directory thoughtfully, but it also doesn’t hold back the leaders from going through with their plans,” Wright said.
Not only is Club Fair changing but the pandemic will change how clubs operate as well. Wright talked about the possibility of changing the orientation process for club leaders in future years. Instead of students giving up a lunch period to be lectured on their role and responsibilities as club leaders, they can get all the necessary information in a six-minute video they can watch on their own.
According to Wright, even through challenges like distance learning, Marlborough clubs remain a priority to continue and an important part of the atmosphere.
“Clubs add a layer to our community that is so special because they are student-run and student-led,” Wright said. “I am so glad we are not just letting go of clubs for a year. Yes, it’s different, but we are going to find a way to make this work because it’s not Marlborough without clubs.”