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Student-Athletes and Recruiting During Quarantine

During this time in the school year, Marlborough athletes would be able to look at potential colleges that they want to further their athletic career at. Due to changes caused by COVID-19, college coaches are unable to visit games or tournaments to evaluate prospective student athletes. 

The uncertainty of when schools will be open again has left many students feeling uncomfortable and worried about their athletic future. College coaches have been trying to find alternative ways to keep athletes consistent with reaching out to coaches. Athletic Director Sheila Pauley said the importance of having virtual communication with coaches has increased because of the current situation. 

“I have been informed that some college coaches are adjusting their recruiting timeline so that students will have the opportunity to visit schools,” Pauley said. “Coaches have also said that students should be even more proactive about reaching out to coaches with videos, academic info, etc.” 

The Athletics and Physical Education Department and the College Deans are working together to help athletes at Marlborough ensure that there is consistent contact with college coaches. Pauley is making sure that college coaches do not forget about the athletes at Marlborough, and  is encouraging girls to keep emailing college coaches. In addition to emailing coaches, it is very important at this time for athletes to have videos of the games or tournaments that they can send to college coaches, so coaches are able to virtually watch them play. 

Many college coaches are holding google hangout or zoom sessions where they can talk to prospective players. In these meetings, student-athletes are able to ask questions about what colleges are planning to do if COVID-19 continues.  Many coaches do not have answers for the athletes because of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, but there will be adjustments made to ensure opportunities for athletes wanting to play their sport in college. 

Although coaches at Marlborough were hoping that students would be able to continue their season in the next few weeks, Ms. Pauley just announced that all spring athletics have been cancelled due to COVID-19. 

“We are heartbroken for our athletes, especially our seniors, who have worked extremely hard in preparing for the spring season and the opportunity to compete alongside teammates and friends.” Pauley said.