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Marlborough Brings Sports Season Training To Homes

COVID-19 has had profound implications for spring athletes and other individuals attempting to remain active and keep in shape. In order to combat the temporary suspension of athletic seasons and stay-at-home orders, the Marlborough athletics department has compiled numerous resources to keep the community active and engaged in daily exercise.

Due to the high level of uncertainty regarding the remainder of the Mustang spring sport season, athletes must prepare for the possibility of competing before the end of the academic year. To assist athletes with their preparations, Physical Education Coordinator Lindsay Yocum has compiled an in-depth online workout packet. The packet includes bodyweight workouts, core exercises, agility training, and injury prevention exercises that can be completed at a park or in an open space. These resources are not just limited to the spring athletes, and can be accessed by the entire Marlborough community.  

To accommodate individuals without access to nearby open spaces and comply with the recent “Safer at Home” emergency order, Yocum has also been creating daily workout videos highlighting exercises that can be easily done from home. These videos cover a wide range of exercises including creative ways to use household items to complement and enhance one’s workout. 

In an effort to reduce stress and anxiety, these workouts are not mandatory for the athletes, but are instead highly encouraged and made easily accessible.

“While the Spring Workout Packet was created to accommodate daily workouts, I think it is unfeasible and irresponsible to mandate that athletes work out as if they were on campus. Holding ourselves to a standard set during normal times can possibly create even more stress and exhaustion, resulting in depression,” Yocum said. 

The athletics department recognizes the challenges of exercising from home, and acknowledges that motivating oneself to stay active can be difficult during this time. In order to combat lack of motivation,  Yocum encourages everyone to dedicate time to evaluating the question of why one trains. 

“If the answer is, “to be in shape for the season,” or, “to win games,” then the point of training during this period of physical distancing is moot. However, if the answer is, “to be the best athlete I can be,” or “to focus on working towards excellence,” then we have a foundation for growth, resilience, and discipline during these challenging times”  Yocum said. 

Yocum believes that focusing on the process of training rather than the outcome is the best mindset to keep motivated during these challenging times.