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A Republican’s Thoughts on Political Representation

Bring conservative voices to a liberal campus.

Marlborough is very supportive of political activism and involvement in the student body. Through a variety of clubs and courses, we are able to learn more about political events and find out how we can become involved. By allowing students to form our own clubs, Marlborough has given us a space to talk about our opinions with like-minded individuals. 

However, it is notable that many, if not most, speakers that come to Marlborough share very similar political viewpoints. As an educational institution, it is important that we foster an environment in which students are exposed to a diversity of opinions and political viewpoints, even if we disagree with them. We are stronger as a community when we understand where others stand and when we can individually and collectively formulate our independent reasons for our own viewpoint. Such an environment not only enriches our student body, but it also serves as a real-life example of our constitutional right to free speech. Besides, it is always much more interesting to hear views we don’t share, know or understand. 

So, let’s invite prominent political figures that do not share the same view as the majority of Marlborough. For example, we have rarely heard from a feminist with openly Republican or right-wing views. While that may be inconsistent with the view of the majority of the Marlborough student body, imagine the great conversation, debate and interest it will spark amongst the great majority of our student body. 

Learning to respectfully disagree and debate viewpoints we don’t share is a fundamental skill we all should possess, and one that has been sorely lacking among our leaders in Washington D.C. When liberal viewpoints are challenged, it allows us the opportunity to engage in respectful discourse with those of the opposite view. Additionally, it is important to recognize that feminism comes in many forms, and frequently reaches across party lines. It is intriguing, at a minimum, to understand and hear other viewpoints. It is the same reason college admission processes around the country seek out a diverse, multicultural, and multiracial student body from various economic and geographic groups. 

So, a call for diversity in speaker viewpoints at Marlborough is essential to our education and to achievement of a complete Marlborough experience. A political or ideological discussion in any forum, whether it is in a school, at a family gathering, or in Washington D.C., often becomes very impassioned. However, learning the art of respectful discourse and debate when we don’t see eye-to-eye with another person or group is an essential life skill we should all possess, and be a champion of, as a Marlborough student or alum.