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Juniors and sophomores have roaring fun at Semi-Formal 2020

The tenth and eleventh grades attended their semi-formal at the Avalon in Hollywood on Saturday,  Jan. 11. The eleventh grade council, inspired by the new decade, made the theme of the event “The Roaring 20’s.” 

The two grades mingled, danced and indulged in an allegedly “incredible” truffle mac and cheese.

Cosi ’21 and Stella ’22 play cards.
Staff Photographers Catherine ‘20 and Fiona ‘20

“It was fun to spend time with my friends, get dressed up and be away from campus, but also be with my school friends,” Betsy ‘21 said.

Many people commented on the fact that the turnout was better than it had been in previous years and at other school events.

“I had a better time this year because there were more people,” Jailen ‘21 said. “I think because it was our last semi-formal, people were more motivated to come.”

Jalen ’21, Tommie ’21 and Olivia ’20 take a break from dancing to smile for a photo together.
Staff Photographers Catherine ‘20 and Fiona ‘20

The semi-formal was said to be a great time to hang out with various students. 

“We rarely do things with different grades, so it was a fun experience to talk with other students,” Casey ‘22 said. 

Cordelia ’21 poses for a photo.
Staff Photographers Catherine ‘20 and Fiona ‘20

By Catherine ‘20 and Fiona ‘20