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Feel Snowflakes Fall At The Grove

Despite the occasional rain or drop in temperature, winter doesn’t feel that much different in Los Angeles. I have always been jealous of people who get to experience snowy or rainy days. My family has gone to the Winter Wonderland at the Grove for many years, and I look forward to the first “snowfall” every winter.

During the winter time, the Grove goes all out to decorate for the season. A 110-foot Christmas tree stands in the middle of the square with Santa and his sleigh flying nearby. There are games in the grassy area to play before the snowfall and coffee or ice cream shops nearby to get a hot drink or scoop of ice cream in anticipation of the snow. The Grove provides the experience of a snowy winter by releasing snow from machines at the top of the stores like the GAP and Athleta. Young kids and families gather in the square to wait for the “winter snow.” While the snow may look like little pieces of really white ice, it still gives families the feeling that snow is falling.

On the first night of snow at the Grove, my family dedicates the full evening to experiencing a “wintery” night. We begin by driving through neighborhoods, trying to find the best decorated houses. Then, we head over to the Grove to visit Santa’s house and take family pictures in front of the enormous tree towering over the stores in the middle of the square. Finally, we drink hot chocolate while waiting for the first snow to fall.

My family has been going to the Winter Wonderland for years. When I was younger, my siblings and I would run around and try to catch the snow before it hit the floor. As we’ve grown up, we still enjoy watching younger kids attempt to do the same. The Winter Wonderland gives us a way to come together and share an event with each other because we rarely have free time to spend together. 

Many TV shows and movies portray snow as magical. Snow represents family and appreciating relationships during the holiday season. The Winter Wonderland at the Grove gives a family some of this magic as they can come together to share the experience each holiday season.