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Charging stations and hot tea could be Marlborough’s stress fixes

It’s no surprise that Marlborough students are constantly stressed. But what is surprising is that there are few to no places where students can de-stress and revitalize themselves on campus. Of course, there’s the new CEI where students can nap or the therapy room for some peace and quiet, but what if you need more? Well, the solution may be simpler than one may think: charging stations and hot tea may reduce the stress at Marlborough.  

Many students use their phones throughout the day, whether it’s for listening to music, making last-minute adjustments to their assignments, checking social media, or getting in contact with others. It is indisputable that phones are constantly buzzing around campus. Since so many people on campus use their phones, it is surprising that there is not a school-wide charging station. Charging stations are popular on many school campuses, especially college campuses, because phones have become an essential part of our lives. Whether the phones are being used for social or academic reasons, it can become a huge stressor throughout the day if your phone dies. What if you have to call yourself an Uber to get home? Or you’ll just die if you can’t Postmates your boba? If your phone dies, you essentially become cut off from the outside world, but with a school-wide charging station for anyone to use, that stress is easily eliminated from the already stressful lives of Marlborough students.

Another unnecessary stress around campus is the lack of tea. Of course, there is cold, bottled tea in Cafe M, but what about hot tea? At different times throughout the year people are always sick, but hot water and tea bags are never accessible. Herbal tea is soothing for illnesses, stress and the stress of becoming sick. Cafe M has many drink options ranging from hot chocolate to IZZE soda, but no hot water. If Marlborough were to simply implement a hot water machine and tea bags, students would have an easy stress reliever ready at their fingertips. As ridiculous and trivial as it sounds, tea can wholly alter a student’s day, mood, and stress levels.