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Mia ’18 chosen for the Rustic Pathways program “Race in America”

Mia ’18 has been accepted to ‘Race In America’, a selective program run by Rustic Pathways (a popular company that runs community service-based trips that take thousands of teens on missions around the world each year). ‘Race in America,’ however, is different because it is a free program students must apply to. Coates was selected as one of 13 students out of over 250 applicants to take part in this particular program, one of Rustic Pathways’ Critical Issues trips, focusing on studying the intersection between social justice, international relations and nonprofit work.

“Race in America” takes students through mostly southern states, such as Alabama and Louisiana, to visit sites related to issues of race in America. The selected students will start the 17-day trip in Philadelphia, and move through several other cities such as Washington D.C., Birmingham, Selma and New Orleans. The students will fully immerse themselves into learning about past and present racism in the United States, ranging from slavery to voting rights. Mia said she is excited to take part in “Race in America” with the 12 other students.

“I am super excited to get the chance to participate in this program (especially because it is all expenses paid) and to meet the amazing students they have selected. The program really emphasized that they wanted students to get the chance to learn and discuss racial issues in a space in which all feel comfortable to participate,” Mia said