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Fathers and daughters create new green spaces at El Sereno

Marlborough students help to build green spaces at El Sereno Middle School. Photo by Evelyn '17.
Marlborough students help to build green spaces at El Sereno Middle School. Photo by Evelyn ’17.

On Saturday, Feb. 25, around 20 Marlborough students and their fathers channeled their green thumbs as they built raised garden beds, among other community-related activities, at El Sereno Middle School. The event was organized by the Marlborough Fathers’ Committee. The student and parent volunteers partnered with Enrich LA, an organization that provides edible green spaces.

According to the Fathers’ Committee Chair Michael Song, father of Julia Song ’20, the fathers aimed to create a community service opportunity this year in addition to annual events like the father-daughter picnic. The group was inspired by the 10th Grade’s community service field trip with Enrich LA earlier this school year, and so the collaboration began. The event was organized by Song and Steve Atlee, father of Gracie ’17 and Ellie ’21.

The five-hour event consisted of shoveling dirt and manure, painting, building seedling stations and ultimately creating a garden for the school. Participants were provided with a complimentary lunch.

“It was rewarding to see our hard work create a beautiful garden,” Gracie ’17 said. “It was nice to know that my efforts would be helpful to this community in the long run.”

Not only does Enrich LA provide the tools for volunteers to build gardens, but it also sends trained garden rangers back weekly to aid in caring for the gardens and supply materials for upkeep, therefore maintaining sustainability.

Community Outreach Program Head Pamela Wright helped connect the fathers with Enrich LA and expressed a positive outlook on the service day.

“I think [volunteers] walk away with an understanding of why there is a need for green spaces,” Wright said. “Sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’re saving the world by building a raised garden bed, but the work really goes beyond that one day. This is a project that will for years be there for the kids to enjoy…and grow from.”