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Ribeiro pools his weight

Flavio Ribeiro
Flavio Ribeiro

With the completion of the new Caldwell Pool, physical education instructor Flavio Ribeiro has taken up the role as pool manager and hopes to instill a sense of community use the pool.
Ribeiro said he thinks the pool can be a welcome resource for the School.
“My main goal for the pool is that we have the pool usage to its maximum, with our students and community enjoying it as much as possible, swimming, playing water polo or just having fun on the deck,” Ribeiro said.
The pool currently is available when school is open from 7 a.m to 5 p.m., unless there are sports practices going on.
As head of the 7/8th swimming P.E. program and the JV/Varsity swim team, Ribeiro hopes to use his experience to promote swimming among the wider community. Students will be able to use the pool during free periods and flex times.
Faculty members have begun to take advantage of the new facilities. Outreach Program Head Pamela Wright said she was happy to take advantage of the pool.
“I brought my kids to the pool… They loved it. I think that Marlborough always emphasizes community and I think community means accessibility. Having the pool open whenever there isn’t an event is something that I hope other people take advantage of as well,” Wright said.
Kayla Luu ’19 said she was excited to use the pool.
“Although I am not a swimmer, I think that the opening of this new pool will prompt me to try the sport out. It allows me to have easy access to something I did not have before. The new pool could facilitate a new community that can come together,” Luu said.
Interim Athletics Director Colleen Hungerford said she thought Ribeiro would be a good pool manager and spoke about his qualifications.
“Mr. Ribeiro is a seasoned lifeguard, he has previous experience managing a pool and we were very lucky that he was already a faculty member,” Hungerford said.