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Caitlyn ’18 designs couture for VGC Fashion Show

Caitlin ’18 has been pursuing her interest in fashion design for seven years. After completing a sewing class at Marlborough Summer School when she was nine, Caitlyn successfully created her first item of clothing—a summer dress, originally made for a tropical vacation with her family. Her casual sundress, made of stretch fabric and ribbons, was never destined for the runway; however, this accomplishment gave her the sense of pride that prompted her interest in fashion. 

Caitlyn will be designing six outfits for the upcoming Mar. 19 Violet’s Giving Circle Fashion Show. At the last fashion show in 2015, Caitlyn made three outfits for the event and is excited to be involved in the process again.

Caitlyn previously received formal instruction on the basics of fashion design from a private tutor and currently participates in an independent study with art instructor Gina Woodruff. Caitlyn said she enjoys the freedom of her independent study because it allows her to challenge herself and try new techniques.

“In my independent study, I am learning a lot of new techniques that I didn’t learn with my previous teacher, who was very practical and focused mostly on haute couture. Ms. Woodruff’s instruction is a lot more creative, unconventional and design-oriented, and has helped me broaden my scope of fashion,” Caitlyn said.

During both her independent study and her work at home, Caitlyn spends around eight hours each week designing and making clothes. While she admits her work can be tedious, Caitlyn believes that all the difficulties she faces make the process more interesting.

“I love seeing [my clothing] come together. My favorite part is when I’m almost finished, and I’m sewing all the last pieces together,” Caitlyn said.

While Caitlyn always seeks to gain new experiences and expand her skillset, she focuses on making women’s formal wear.

“I enjoy making sophisticated outfits that can be worn to formal events and that have a lot of edge embellishments, and metallic colors. I tend towards the more outrageous, runway-style outfits because they are more fun and interesting to make,” Caitlyn said.

In the future, she said she plans on pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

“I’m definitely interested in studying fashion in college and as a career so that I can go on and work as a fashion designer. I would like to work my way up in the fashion world until I have my own brand,” Caitlyn

Courtesy of Caitlyn Contributing Photographer
Courtesy of Caitlyn Contributing Photographer