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Marlborough School buses adopt SafeStop app

Photo courtesy of SafeStop
Photo courtesy of SafeStop

Marlborough’s buses are adopting SafeStop, an app that gives real-time updates about the buses’ locations and data on the bus stops’ safety and popularity. Many students use the Marlborough bus system to get to and from school every day, but without knowing where the buses are, timing can be inconvenient for both parents and students.
“I think the SafeStop app will be great because now when my mom asks me how far away from the bus stop I am, I’ll just say ‘Mom, check the app,’” Edina ’19 said.
SafeStop is customizable for parents, so they can drop off and pick up their kids on time, even if the buses are off schedule. Features include updating every 30 seconds with their child’s location and estimating arrival times at each stop.
“I think it would make the bus feel safer because if we went off track then it would let people know if we would be late or off schedule,” Arianna ’21 said.