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Indigo is anything but blue

Jaden '18 and Raina '18 pose for a promotional photo for Indigo.
Jaden ’18 and Raina ’18 pose for a promotional photo for Indigo.

Raina  ’18 and Jaden  ’18 last year created Indigo, a singing duo that covers popular hip hop and R&B songs. They release their music on the global music distribution platform SoundCloud. The group also has a YouTube channel where they post music videos.
Raina and Jaden said that they wanted to create the band because of their strong friendship and shared love of R&B music. The two girls explained they wanted to add their own flair to the music they loved.
Jaden said she didn’t anticipate that Indigo would get attention from anyone and was surprised they began to get noticed after a couple months.
Raina added that people in the music industry have begun to reach out to them about different opportunities.
“We get emails everyday [from music producers and talent agencies] about auditions that we should sign up for,” Raina said.
Both girls reported that they see themselves continuing Indigo through college, and they also wish to enter the music industry in the future.
Raina advised other people who want to start music groups that confidence is the most important thing.
“If you’re trying to do it, don’t be afraid. There are going to be haters that say that [your band] won’t go anywhere. You have to believe in yourself and what you’re trying to do. It makes you more confident, and people will notice,” Raina said.
Indigo’s music videos can be found on Youtube.