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Entrepreneurship class creates Rubies + Diamonds drinks

Olivia ’17 and the entrepreneurship class taste test a variety of drinks from Rubies + Diamonds.
Olivia ’17 and the entrepreneurship class taste test a variety of drinks from Rubies + Diamonds.

Marlborough’s new entrepreneurship class is getting some real hands-on experience this quarter.  The class is working with Sunset Boulevard’s premiere coffee and tea company Rubies + Diamonds to come up with proposals for a “summer drink” that will debut this summer as part of their new offerings. Students embarked on a field study trip to the store where they met with Jean Shim, founder of Rubies + Diamonds.

“Shim is a really creative, innovative leader in her field, ”  Assistant Division Director and Dean of Student Life Regina Rosi said. She teaches the class and accompanied the students on the trip. “It is really inspiring to work with a female founder,” Rosi said.
The students are currently researching and making surveys to determine the best summer drink for Rubies + Diamonds.  Shim and her team will ultimately choose their favorite drink that best represents the brand and appeals to their consumers.
Rosi divided the class in three, and each group is responsible for coming up with a proposal for a summer drink that was presented to Shim, her investors and the Rubies + Diamond PR and marketing team on Monday, Dec. 5.  The presentations were also open to the entire Marlborough community. Each group is working hard to create the perfect product for Rubies + Diamonds. Olivia ’17 discussed the drink making process.
“My group is focused on producing popsicles that incorporate the unique blends of flavors, some of which can be found already in R+D’s menu,” Olivia said.
Catherine ’17, who is part of another group, said her team is working on an acai, dragon fruit and coconut water green tea. She said she enjoyed the experience.
“I would definitely recommend this class if you are interested in pursuing a career or just have an interest in entrepreneurship or business. It is a good way to practice public pitches and learn about how to market and advertise with a real brand,” she said.