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A senior’s second semester resolutions

In case you weren’t aware, I am a senior. I am, in fact, a senior who has almost reached her second semester. Traditionally, this is when students begin to lose steam. In a desperate attempt to keep myself going, I have written out my Second Semester Resolutions. Though it has taken me six years to draw up these resolutions, they can very easily apply to any student in any grade. I would surely have benefited from these guidelines many years ago.

  1. Stop falling asleep in the ARC. If you happen to have a free at essentially every other period, you’ve probably seen me in the back of the ARC. I spent my first five years at Marlborough refusing to go into the library because I was afraid of being shushed by my fellow classmates. But this year, as I was doing my homework on the side of the field and shaking astroturf from my notebooks, I decided I would go upstairs and seek refuge under the “Quiet Study Area” signs. All the tables were taken, so I sat in front of the windows. It was so sunny and warm; I promptly fell asleep. Next semester, I hope to break this cycle.
  2. Look presentable. I don’t know how it happened, but all my sweaters have holes or stains. As do my tights and pants and polo shirts and scarves. My goal for second semester is to attempt to keep my remaining articles of clothing intact. This means I will have to stop falling down the stairs, picking at loose threads and snagging my tights on hedges. I will also have to stop spilling coffee and pink tea on my white shirts.
  3. Acquire paper. I recently sat down to an in-class essay and was frightened to hear my teacher say, “take out a piece of paper.” I frantically searched my folders only to discover that I had one piece of crumpled printer paper in my bag and some ridiculously tiny notebooks. My teacher thoughtfully offered me some paper. Next semester, I will hopefully have some paper of my own!
  4. Remember where I put my backpack. This happens every Monday. As soon as I walk out of ASM, I immediately begin to panic because I have, of course, misplaced my generic, navy bag. I’m hoping that for the duration of my senior year, I will no longer waste my precious time looking for my scattered belongings.

Look out for me second semester wearing my clean skirts and being very much awake!!