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Social (in)justice

Alexa ’17, Isabella ’17 and Jade ’17 joined together to create a website called Politically (In)Correct that focuses on promoting social justice by keeping teenagers informed about the injustices faced by minority groups. Inspired to create the website last year, the students hope to go live this month.

Alexa and Isabella said the website will help other people their age find a platform where they can freely share their beliefs and help make others aware of the social injustices many people face.

“We’re trying to get people who are interested in social justice and social change to come to our website so that they can contribute their ideas and beliefs,” Alexa said. “We’re also trying to get people who might be less informed about social justice and see their opinions and ideas.”

Alexa said they are targeting high school students because long-term change will happen with younger people.

“We’re looking for anyone that’s interested in participating, but I think that just naturally it would be more high school and college students” Isabella said.

Jade said that because the website is forum-based, all three students will filter submissions. All submissions that are sent are read before being posted to make sure the content is responsible.

They will also post any articles or influential pieces they think should be shared with the public.