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No phone zone

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Let’s be real. Every living moment that a Marlborough girl isn’t studying for an upcoming test, kicking soccer balls, singing in the choir, gracefully pointing their toes on the stage, or persuading judges in debate tournaments, she is connected to her phone. Our incessant connection to technology is becoming an imminent problem and we need to fix this.

I have to admit. I find myself on my phone every free moment I have. In order to combat this addiction, I restrict myself to checking social media outlets like Instagram and Snapchat only at night, right before I fall asleep. By lying down in my sheets with my phone in my hand, I can delve into the very mysterious world called the internet. I do this for about 15 minutes before I head on into dreamland. Just having a limited amount of time per day is so wonderful. I don’t become distracted while doing homework.
During advisory, I find a lot of girls just sitting with their phones in their hands. We are basically isolated during the most intimate time of the day..

I believe that the five short minutes in advisory is a time to catch up with each other, whether it be discussing the funny incident that happened over the weekend, or just talking about how stressful are weeks have been. Is is set aside for bonding time. Even though advisory peeps are supposed to be close, all we do is check attendance. I believe that this needs to change. By implementing the no phone policy, I believe that this will increase the amount of interaction time among Marlborough girls. It may seem odd to disconnect from your device for 10 minutes, but hey, that is not that bad. π