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My earthquake survival plan

Photo courtesy of David Butow
Photo courtesy of David Butow

We all get a little disturbed when considering whether we could actually survive the possible disasters that lie ahead of us, whether those be the San Andreas earthquake or the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  You’re probably thinking, especially after reading the byline, “Alli, our head band-wearing, barely water safety-passing clothes horse? She’s surviving the earthquake/zombie apocalypse/massive power outage??”  It’s true, I’m very glad to say.  I’m allergic to a wide variety of substances, and I have excessively sensitive skin.  Yet, my family does intend to survive the earthquake, and you can too.  Here’s how:

  1. Taking care of our water supply.  Obviously, we all need water to survive.  In a severe earthquake, power will be out, both electric and gas.  Water pumps won’t function anymore.  That’s a real problem, no?  Tap water and sewage will be an issue.  I plan on filling my bathtub as quickly as possible with whatever water will come out and make it suitable for drinking by using purification tablets.  Water’s not going to stay in the pipes forever!  Put it in the tubs ASAP!  If you don’t have purification tablets, a capful of chlorine will do.  We also have long term stored water in packets, about 3 oz each, that are good for about five years.  You can also pre purify and store water in advance in big barrels.  Keep the barrels out of the light and put a bit of chlorine in the water to prevent weird growth or contamination.
  2. But what about food?  You can buy Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), which are good for about 5-10 years. There are a variety of flavors! I particularly like the beef stroganoff.  My family has a minimum of three days of food for each person, over 6000 calories for each.  A week’s food is ideal.   You must eat whatever’s in your fridge first because that’s going to spoil. Then turn to all your long term preserved food.
  3. Sanitation is important too.  We want to prevent contamination of food and water, so sanitation is really important.  You can dig a hole in the ground and put some lime on it. Ideally, just have a large bucket.  Keep it away from where people are.  You want to make sure you put disinfectant in  it.  If nothing else, put chlorine in.  
  4. Power.  Everyone should have a self powered or solar powered radio and chargers for phones.  Consider buying an inverter.  You’ll probably have your car, which works off of a powerful battery.  You can use your inverter to convert the DC of the battery to AC to power your refrigerator.  As long as your car can run, this power source is pretty good. Buy some solar panels to charge your car battery.

You can be as prepared for disaster and certain of your survival as I am.  There is no excuse for non-survival.  We only have enough supplies for ourselves, so, please, get your own.