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Up and running: the new fitness center

After more than a year of construction, the new fitness center is finally open for all students and faculty and staff to use. Supplied with cardio and strength training equipment, the fitness center is open daily from 6am till 7pm. A total of 20 pre-season and off-season teams, as well as an average of 16 other members of the community, already are using the new facility frequently.

Athletics, strength & conditioning coach Lindsay Yocum and head basketball Coach Chris Rogers often supervise the fitness center for students to work out safely during lunch or free periods, and they are available to help students learn a new exercises. Yocum encourages students who are interested in using the fitness center to make an appointment with her to get an orientation for safety and understanding of the new equipment.

Yocum emphasized that one of the biggest goals of the creation of the new fitness center was to promote wellness in the community. In addition, Yocum hopes that the new fitness center will draw more recognition and support for athletes.


“We’re trying to promote Marlborough as an athletically excellent school,” Yocum said. “A lot of competitive athletes come to this school, and I think the Arden project will shed light on that”.


Student athlete Hailey Horn-Bostel ’18 expressed that she believes the new facility will increase athletes’ personal strength and improve athletics in our community.


“We have a lot more access to getting stronger than other teams do; it’s a really nice resource, and it’s a really good advantage. It’s always exciting because I know I’m going to go in and work hard and I’m going to be stronger the next day,” Horn-Bostel said.


Not only is the new fitness center improving Marlborough’s athletics, but it’s creating a space for students and teachers to interact outside the classroom. Head of Community Outreach Pamela Wright said that she loves to use the new fitness center because it is a shared space.


“This gives me the chance to kind of connect with students; we’ll share fitness tips with each other, and it is kind of nice to have that out-of-school relationship but still be on campus,” Wright said.
The new fitness center is open daily from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. for all to use but closed from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. for in-season team training and J period.