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Lauryn ’17 releases EP


Lauryn Tauber ’17 released her EP (extended player) Eclyps on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud in December. The alternative spelling pays homage to the ‘y’ in her name, according to Tauber. The EP is categorized as Pop. However, Eclyps definitely has a twist. It features a mix of both upbeat and more mellow songs.   

In addition to attending Marlborough, Tauber has taken classes at The Song Writing School of Los Angeles since she was 11. She’s been making music for as long as she can remember, though. She plays a multitude of instruments from the piano to the guitar to the banjo. Tauber spends roughly 14 hours per week writing and singing songs about whatever is on her mind. She’ll write anywhere from her bedroom to the classroom! Tauber’s songs vary in importance to her: some she writes for fun while others she takes more seriously.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from school and my different experiences with friends. I’ve never been in a serious relationship I can write about—I’m not Taylor Swift! But there are so many other relationships between parents and friends that are just as moving,” Tauber said. Tauber confesses she’s even written her fair share of songs about classes that frustrate her.

Tauber estimates she’s written hundreds of songs. Initially, she only planned on recording the fourth song on her EP, The Middle, to get a sense of what the producing process was like. Her writing school friends and family then encouraged her to create a whole EP. Tauber said that the five featured tracks are her favorites out of the hundreds she’s written.

So far, the EP has received rave reviews.