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Sevies and seniors: the tradition lives on

Photo by Natalie ' Sh 16
Photo by Natalie Sh. ’16

On a sunny afternoon at Marlborough School, the anxious seventh graders met their senior buddies for the first time. There was excitement in the air as the seniors chose with whom they were about to spend the afternoon. The pairs then walked to the gym where they played a series of games in order get to know their new friends better.

“We sat in a circle and played games like mafia, duck-duck goose and Indian chief. Then after that we went outside and had cookies and just talked until lunch.” said Adeline Grimmett ‘21.

The school created the tradition in order to bring together the youngest and the oldest groups on campus together.

“When I was a seventh grader at my school, the upperclassmen were intimidating… I think it’s important that the older girls make an effort and reach out so the younger girls know that we are here for them and we aren’t that scary” said Grace Villenueve ‘16.

Both the seniors and seventh graders said they had a great time getting to know a new person at school. They thought the event was successful and a great way to being the school year. Lauren Choi ‘16 expressed her final thoughts about the day.

“I thought it went really well… Me and my buddy clicked well and talked about the school and her old school, and what sports she plays. We followed each other on instagram” Lauren Choi ‘16 said.