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LA Metro in the works

Photo by Jonathan Riley
                                                         Photo by Jonathan Riley

Better and Faster Transportation

Compared to other cities, Los Angeles is lacking in the public transportation department . The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is trying to formulate more transportation opportunities for people in Los Angeles. They hope to have most of their projects done by 2024. By adding these new projects people will have access to new places using the metro.

The Purple Line Subway Extension is one of the many new projects. The city and public transportation officials are currently planning an extension for the Purple Line that will start on Wilshire and extend westward for 9 miles. Also seven new stations are under construction (on the Purple Line.  The metro will strengthen travel efficiency to many destinations including Beverly Hills, Westwood, Century City and Miracle Mile.  According to the Metro CEO, Philip A. Washington, the Purple Line project is scheduled to open in 2024, before the 2024 olympics. The extension will enable people to travel to more places using the metro.  With this project, metro officials are trying to make transportation easier, for people who live and work in Los Angeles. For more information on the Purple Line Subway Extension click here:


Universal City/Studio City Station Pedestrian Bridge Project is another new project.  Metro officials plan to make a bridge at the intersection of Lankershim Blvd and Universal Hollywood drive. This bridge will create a safe place for pedestrians to walk in the area around the Metro Red Line Station and the Universal Studios Tram Stop. For more information on the bridge, you can check out this website:

Metro Expo Line connects the Westside to Downtown LA, Hollywood, South Bay, Long Beach, Pasadena and more. There are 10 new stations. Adding these stations increase the amount of metro rail systems to 80 stations. This line goes all the way to Santa Monica.  This will be Los Angeles’s first train line to reach the pacific ocean.  With the Expo Line, Metro officials plan to make travel quicker even with Los Angeles’s crazy traffic.  People are be able to get to Santa Monica from Downtown Los Angeles in only 46 minutes even with traffic.  This project will be opening in 2016 but it closed right now because of maintenance work for phase two of the Expo Line.  

For more information,  one the metro expo line click here: