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Inside Dr. Sands’ Blog, “From the Desk of Dr. Sands”

Sands blogsHead of School Priscilla Sands writes a blog, titled From the Desk of Dr. Sands, on the Marlborough School website to offer her “observational musings on life, learning, and leading Marlborough” and to provide advice to parents using her own experiences.  

Sands’ blog, which so far has included issues ranging from her role as a stepparent to the effect of social media on students’ lives, aims to address topics that parents care about by framing her own parenting experiences.    

“I’m a parent and I’m also a stepparent. I’m a parent of a girl. I’m a working woman. I’ve been working most of my life. I try to hit on themes that will resonate with parents.” Sands said.

In her blog, Sands says she aims to help provide guidance or reassurance to parents about concerns like college or sleep by simply reflecting on her parenting experiences.  To her, Sands says that this means being honest about past mistakes and talking about subjects that she says she feels people need to hear about.

Sands has began writing to parents during her time as president at the Springside Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She began writing articles for the school’s parent newsletter, The Laurel Leaf, and later moved on to blogging. Sands’ previous school compiled several of her blog posts into a book, entitled Sands Through Time.  After coming to Marlborough, Sands decided to write a blog directed specifically towards Marlborough parents as an extension of her previous work.  

Sands says that she wanted to write a blog at Marlborough also because she wanted to explore the different groups that exist at school and showcase the diverse community.

“Community is what I care about.  We are many different micro-communities within [the Marlborough community.] Building bridges between our cultural understandings is important to really celebrate what an amazing microcosm of the world Marlborough is.”  Sands explained.