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Best L.A. celebrity workout spots

Photo by flickr user Sirsnapsalot
Photo by flickr user Sirsnapsalot

Right now, personal fitness is a popular trend everywhere, and Marlborough is no exception. Celebrities seem to be leading the healthy lifestyle movement and have many admirers eager to know their daily workout routines and nutritious meals. Los Angeles is home to many stars, so get inspired. If you enjoy stalking celebrities on you free time, are inspired to get Jlo’s killer abs, or just need some ideas on workout spots, below are a list of popular places where celebrities go to get into shape. Whether it’s connecting to nature and going on a hike, spinning, or relaxing while doing yoga, these three locations show a variety of different ways to look great and feel great!

  1. Runyon Canyon

This 160 acre park has lots of hiking trails ranging in difficulty levels. Since this workout spot is outside, it can get pretty hot, especially in the afternoon. Try hiking earlier in the morning or in the evening to make sure you don’t get too overheated, . Dogs are welcome and always make hiking more fun! Make sure to take time and appreciate the beautiful views of the city when you reach the top!

  1. SoulCylce

Over the past few years, SoulCycle has become a widely popular workout spot and trending location because of their difficult, but enjoyable, spinning classes. Offering physically and mentally challenging work outs for all levels, SoulCycle trailers play ‘pump-up music to energize and encourage their classes. People who go there feel at home, comfortable in their surroundings, and motivated to get a great workout. SoulCycle has many locations, both in and outside Los Angeles.

  1. YAS

YAS offers yoga, spinning, and strength classes. The workouts are very physically and mentally demanding, but help improve balance, flexibility, stamina, and power for all levels of fitness. One of their main goals is to make exercise fun, and that’s exactly what they do!  There are many location in Los Angeles, including Venice, Silver Lake, and downtown. Since the classes are only an hour long, it’s easy to get a quick yet difficult workout.