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Sneak peaks of all-school and middle school plays


Photo by Clara '18

Sophie Aron ’17, Kate Purdue ’18 and Kate O’Connor ’20 rehearse for the all-school play. Photo by Clara ’18

All-School Play:

This year’s all-school play, Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play, written by Anne Washburn, will open on Thursday, Nov. 19th and will run through Saturday, Nov 21st. This is a play with music (as opposed to a musical), and it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where there is no electricity. The play in three acts centers around a group of campers, who meet in the woods and start re-creating a Simpsons episode. The second act takes place seven years later, and the third act takes place seventy-five years later. In the play, the The Simpsons TV show is preserved through layers of storytelling and revered as a cultural icon of the past. The play encourages audiences to imagine what America might look like in an apocalyptic future as people inherit the pop-culture we have today.

Middle School Dance/Theater Performance Piece:

The Middle School Play, recently renamed the Middle School Dance Theater Performance Piece, is entitled Alone Together. The girls performing in the piece chose the topic, which explores the differences between face-to-face communication and digital communication. Dance instructor Holly Rothschild is leading the project as Producer and Co-Creator with the support of music instructor Ernie Scarbrough and guest artists Bianca Blanco and Elizabeth Watt. The performers in this piece are creating it as they go along. “At the beginning, we had no idea [about the performance] other than what it was about. We just knew it was about screen life versus real life… it’s never really set, but it’s really fun because it keeps you on your toes!” said Quinn Bogart ’21. This performance will be taking place on Oct. 22 and 23.