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Listen up for Violet Radio Club’s Station

At this year’s at Club Fair on Monday, Sept. 28, a new addition to the selection of clubs debuted: Cleo’16, Alyce ’16 and Rachel ’16 started the Violet Radio Club, a student run radio station dedicated to playing music for the Marlborough Community. The club meets Wednesdays at lunch and currently has 29 members.

Members of the club will get to sign up for slots to DJ the station once a week or once every other week and have complete freedom over what they play. Some artists that Cleo, Alyce, and Rachel plan to play are The Smiths and Radiohead. The co-presidents also say they hope to incorporate the entire Marlborough community by interviewing teachers and students on the show, allowing listeners to request shout outs and possibly including a sports talk show.

The club received funding from Marlborough’s newly established club grant program, created by the Dean of Student Life and Spanish Instructor Regina Rosi, that will pay for the monthly fee of having an online radio station.

“The [co-presidents] demonstrated to me that they wanted to follow through … I think this is a substantial add-on to our community. It gives back,” Rosi said.

Two of the club’s main goals are to allow students to listen to other students’ music and to emphasize community, this year’s core value.

“We thought it would be a really good opportunity to expand the music community of Marlborough,” Rachel said.

Cleo agreed that music can help connect and unify Marlborough students.

“We want to create a sense of community at Marlborough through music because music is something that I think unites most of the girls at Marlborough. So we want to create a space where girls can show their music and then listen to other girls’ music as well,” she said.

The radio station will be available via soon, so make sure to go online and listen!


  1. Tess October 10, 2016

    Nothing like lunch with a coool margarita on the deck at Sunnyside, people watching and boat watching, especially when you've boated over with friends from their year round condo near one of the ski lifts on the CA/south Tahoe heaven!

  2. October 13, 2016

    ¡Hola! Yo ya tengo mi propio blog, pero la verdad es que estoy más interesado en los proyectos colaborativos, jejeje. ¡Sobre todo si pensáis lanzar un blog de diseño! Bueno, si os intereso, contad conmigo ¡Un saludo y suerte!

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