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Lindsey introduces Global Awareness Program

All-School President Lindsay ’16 is following through on her campaign promise by creating the Global Awareness Program (GAP). Each month, Lindsey will send an all-school email to highlight a different global issue. The themes will generally be broad, in order to introduce the issue to students and allow them to discuss any aspect of the theme they want to.

For October, Lindsey sent out an email with facts about homelessness, the month’s theme. According to the Affordable Housing Institute, one in 225 Los Angelenos are homeless. According to the Los Angeles Almanac, 20% of the homeless are veterans. Advisors will be encouraged to discuss homelessness in advisory, and any student can attend an optional lunch meeting to discuss the subject more in depth.

In Lindsey’s campaign speech last year, she promised to increase global awareness, so she hopes that by implementing GAP, the Marlborough community will become more globally aware.

“Sometimes…we are so busy with our own school work that we don’t really remember some of the bigger obstacles. I think that understanding different types of problems around the world…will prepare us for outside conversations,” Lindsey said.