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Community is this year’s Core Value

This past summer, Head of School Dr. Priscilla Sands, in conjunction with the Senior Administrative Team, decided that “Community” would be the Core Value for 2015-2016 school year. Each year the Head of School helps to choose the core value for the school year. Sands intends to strengthen the Marlborough community and encourages all members of the school to treat one another with respect.

“To me community is an all-encompassing word that we live our lives so much in.” Sands said. “Our families are small micro communities.  Our neighborhoods, churches, temples, nature, our friends are all communities, …and we have to consider how all of our different micro communities intersect with one another.”

All-School President Lindsey Johnson ’16 and the rest of the All-School Council endorse Community as this year’s Core Value. In light of the new teachers and the new Head of School, Johnson wants to strengthen our sense of community to make sure everyone feels comfortable and is able to speak openly within the school.

Students appreciate the renewed focus on Community.

“The Core Value, Community, is really refreshing. The Core Value is something we are expected to uphold throughout the year, so, when we have a value like Excellence or Honor, it can often be scary trying to live up to those expectations. Having Community be our core value, an idea that simply supports our school’s harmony, is a pretty comforting mindset for the year,” Ellie Feingold ’18 said.

And reflecting about joining the Marlborough community, Sands said, ”It’s been a big surprise to me, but also one of the happiest surprises I have ever had.”