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‘Super Council’ leads opening assembly

All-school council kicked off the 2015-2016 school year. Photo by Gracie '17, contributing photographer
All-school council kicked off the 2015-2016 school year. Photo by Gracie ’17, contributing photographer

Flash dashes around the gym faster than the speed of sound, Ironman dances on the Caswell stage and Thor uses her hammer for the forces of organization. The league of super heroes, all members of Marlborough’s all-school council, learn that they must unite and use their powers to promote school spirit. What may sound like the plot of a comic book played out in a video put together by Marlborough’s all-school council for this year’s Opening Assembly.  

Kicking off the 2015-2016 school year, all-school council announced this year’s theme of “Super Council: Great Apart but Better Together” and welcomed new members of the Marlborough community, including Head of School Priscilla Sands.

All-school president Lindsey ’16, who dressed up as Superwoman in the video,  shared the theme in her speech.  

“This school is the place that it is because of all of us,” Lindsey ’16 said. “I am so excited to help us lead.”

Lindsey then introduced Sands, who became Marlborough’s head of school in July. Sands told the community that the School’s dedication to girls’ education motivated her to take the job.

“I met all of you. You touched me deeply,” Sands said. “The story of Marlborough touched me.”

Sands presented a PowerPoint drawing similarities between herself and the School’s founder, Mary Caswell. Sands pointed out that both she and Caswell were born in Maine, pioneering across the country to reach California. She depicted Caswell’s journey with PhotoShopped images of her train travelling across the country. Back-to-back slides showed the contents of Caswell’s and Sands’s travel bags, and Sands announced a contest awarding breakfast to the advisory that could remember the most items in common between the two bags.

Sands ended her first assembly as head of school by wishing girls well in the school year to come.

“Have a wonderful, wonderful year,” Sands said.

All-school assembly coordinator Natalie ’16 also welcomed new students and faculty at the meeting. She asked a few seventh graders to share why they decided to attend Marlborough. One hand shot up in the air with an immediate response.

“I went to Marlborough, and I felt so welcomed and at home,” Tess ’21 said.


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