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Lost in Thought: A Little Bit About Me

Hello future classmates!!!! Congrats on getting in here. You seem like a super cool, smart, quirky bunch, and I’m so excited to meet you. Actually, to be honest, I hope that I’m excited to meet you. I mean, I hope that you’re the kind of people that I’d be excited to meet. Or at least not the kind of people I’d be excited to not meet, if you know what I mean. I know that a lot of you have been sharing little autobiography/introduction things on this page, so I thought I’d share my own. I did get in ED, so I’ve been lurking around here for a while (hello and congratulations to those of you who were deferred ED but managed to write the admissions department a convincing letter), but now that you stragglers have arrived, it seems a good time to tell you a little bit about myself.

I hail from a small town in Cali called Los Angeles. Lol, that’s a joke. I bet that some of you have heard of Los Angeles. Yes, I go to the beach all the time; I wear shorts every day, and I have even met some famous people! I know, my life is pretty crazy.

I love doing numerous activities in my free time, including debate and stand up comedy and drama and croquet. I’m actually president and founder of my local croquet league. I also do visual arts at a prestigious art academy. I specialize in art installations using dried turnips and radishes, and my (fairly well known) work has been featured in galleries throughout the US (pics included at the bottom of this post). I would love to put up a piece in my new dorm room (shoutout to my future roommate!). I would even do one in a common room, if you guys want.

I’m also a talented recorder player. I saw that some of you play instruments as well! Also, a lot of you act. Hey, you know what, I like acting, too! We could for sure have jamming/ acting sessions together. Like we could play our instruments but pretend that we’re playing other instruments. Or we could pretend to be other people playing instruments. Or we could pretend that we’re not playing instruments. Or we could pretend to be instruments ourselves… Ok, I haven’t quite worked it out yet. But it will definitely be totally awesome.

I don’t just love making music; I also love listening to it. My favorite recording artists right now are Numerous Sunshine, Voicemail 4 Paul, NPORQRQ, and ***. Bet you haven’t heard of them, haha. My musical taste is pretty unique, definitely not what you might call “mainstream.”

In conclusion, I’m a pretty cool, smart, quirky kid. I don’t want to be defined in college by my stellar academics, though, or my crazy high SAT score, or by my world-renowned art, or by my eclectic extracurriculars, or by the automated pillow-fluffing machine I designed and built in fourth grade, or even by the charity I founded in ninth grade to help fund country-club memberships for recently released white-collar criminals. Rather, I’d like to be thought of as the cool, smart, quirky girl I know you’ll soon know I am.