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For a couple weeks now, the number 11 has been stalking me. I’d say that at least five times a day, I look at my phone and it’s either 3:11, 8:11, 7:11, 12:11, or 1:11. I look at the top right corner of my computer only to find that I have 11% battery left. I look at the screen behind the steering wheel in my car to find that I have 211 miles to go before my gas runs out. You get the picture. If you happen to be near me when I peep the time at 2:11, you will mostly likely see me stomp my foot and screech in frustration. The number 11 haunts me.

So about a week ago, I was with a friend of mine who is very “alternative,” as some might say—she lives in Topanga, loves to garden, and has some truly beautiful dreadlocks. Most people just laugh at my frustration when they witness me grumbling about the number 11, but this girl was intrigued. She suggested I look up the numerology of 11. Numerology, as you can imagine, is like astrology but with numbers—it deals with the occult significance of numbers. Google results provided some websites with vague descriptions of what my “stalker number” might mean, but they were all much too broad for me to latch onto.

Later that day, I happened to look at my phone (and no, I never intentionally time it so that I look on the 11) at 3:11 and had to text this friend of mine. It was just too weird. She then informed me that her mom was very knowledgeable about numerology and that she would ask her what this could mean.

This is what she wrote:

“If the number 11 has been showing up in your life or chart (astrological chart) this often means that the time is one of great importance in listening to your superb intuition and heart voice and not your fears because you’re on the verge of diving into a new dimension in life that has much greater comforts to offer you and experiencing real things beyond the mundane world.”

I thought that was a little scary but pretty cool.